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Organic Berry Pulp - Açaí with Gurana

Açaí of America - Organic Açaí Berry with Guarana

This combination features açaí with its foremost companion in taste, guarana. A match made in heaven, guarana accentuates açaí’s best qualities. This presweetened blend alleviates the need to add sweetener when making your favorite açaí blends in smoothies and açaí bowl. Best of all this enhanced combination of fruit embodies all of the nutrients that you love in the açaí pure unsweetened berry puree. Açaí of America’s açaí berry puree with guarana is perfect for the diet conscious. It has only 100 calories per serving and will keep you feeling and looking your very best!

All our açaí products are 100% wild harvested pure organic açaí berries sourced from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.

Organic Açaí Pulp, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Guarana Extract, Citric Acid

Organic Açaí with Gurana

Organic Berry Pulp - Açaí Pure Unsweetened

Açaí of America - Organic Açaí Berry Pulp Unsweetened
Açaí of America’s pure unsweetened açaí berry puree is the base product for all açaí creations. Pure unsweetened açaí is renowned for its unique taste that features a berry flavor with chocolatey and earthy undertones. It is a favorite among health enthusiasts and athletes for its wealth of nutrition benefits. Açaí of America’s pure unsweetened berry puree mixes excellently with a combination of fruit in smoothies, açaí breakfast bowls, and açaí snack cups to present the ultimate taste in fruit nutrition. All our açaí products are 100% wild harvested pure organic açaí berries sourced from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.
Organic Açaí Pulp, Citric Acid
Organic Pure Unsweetened Açaí


Açaí of America - Organic Açaí Sorbet with Banana and Berries


If you’re ready to add something new to your restaurant offering, our Bliss Scoopable Açaí Sorbet is the perfect choice. All the great benefits of açaí with the flavor of a dessert and the nutrition of a meal. This sweet and creamy blend will tickle your taste buds. Made with organic açaí, our sorbet makes a perfect desert or afternoon snack. Eat it by itself, top it with granola and fresh fruit, or any topping you desire to customize your experience. You can’t go wrong with this treasure, it is health and wellness packed in a tasty treat!

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WILD HARVESTED Organic Açaí Pulp

There’s a reason we stress the power of purple. Our açaí is sustainably harvested in its natural state along the riverbanks of the Amazon rainforest by natives with experience in maintaining the quality, nutritional properties, taste, and its natural color. Our açaí is prepared to maintain high health standards, by a workforce that receives fair wages for their effort.


Our açaí resembles it’s purest form and will support all aspects of your lifestyle as it has for the natives of the Amazon for centuries. Our products are naturally tasty and provide a delicious base for your smoothies, bowls, or as a treat by themselves.


We make deliveries multiple times during the week in the NYC metro area as well as provide access to açaí deliveries in NYC tri-state area as well as south Florida. And, if you’re between Boston and Washington DC, we can get our products to you within 72-hours of making your order.